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Want to keep playing a sport you loved in high school, but don't want to compete at an intercollegiate level? Maybe you want to participate in a new activity. There's likely an intramural sport waiting for you. Events can be one day tournaments, two-day competitions or multiple week structured leagues in various sports and divisions of play.

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Intramural Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship Policy

Intramural Code of Conduct

The Campus Recreation Board takes sportsmanship very seriously and offenders will be dealt with accordingly. Sportsmanship policies will be enforced strictly to ensure the safety and enjoyment of ALL participants, including our Student Intramural Staff. Actions that are dangerous and/or conduct that is detrimental to the Intramural Program will not be tolerated and are grounds for suspension from further participation in all Intramural Sports activities. The Intramural Program has the jurisdiction to suspend or remove individuals and teams from participation in any and all Intramural Sports activities. The Intramural Program reserves the right to remove any player or team for involvement and/or further unsportsmanlike actions, and to refer participants to Student Affairs and make recommendations for their consideration. Any participant who is ejected from a game must meet with a Director or Co-Director of Intramural Sports before becoming eligible to play any intramural sport again.

Unsportsmanlike Behavior

The rules stated below will govern all Intramural play:

  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Any person, who commits, attempts to commit, incites or aids others in committing any acts of misconduct shall be subject to disciplinary procedures by the Intramural Sports Director.
  2. Team captains are responsible for the conduct of their players/spectators and therefore are subject to the same disciplinary actions as their players.
  3. The Director of Intramural Sports will be the final judge of what is unsportsmanlike.
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:
    1. Fighting (pushing, punching, tripping, late hits, cheap shots, or any type of physical contact)
    2. Using profane, inappropriate, insulting, or vulgar language or gestures - incidental or otherwise
    3. Verbal or physical baiting or taunting an opponent, including "trash talking" in any manner
    4. Attempting to influence an Intramural Staff member's decision
    5. Dissent towards an Intramural Official or Staff member's decision
    6. Disrespectfully addressing Intramural Staff
    7. Physical contact with Intramural Staff
    8. Failure to follow the directions of any Intramural Staff member acting in performance of their duties
    9. Physically damaging a facility, equipment, or other provided Intramural apparatus (example - hanging on the basketball rims)
    10. Delay of game and/or tactical fouls
    11. Engaging in any general unsportsmanlike act, especially those that show disregard for Intramural rules and policies (Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties)
    12. Any attempt to strike an opponent or Intramural Sports Staff member
    13. Aggressive action toward a participant or Intramural Sports Staff member
    14. Actions that may lead to a fight
  5. The following policies will also be considered in dealing with unsportsmanlike conduct:Incidents reported to the administrative staff which indicate unsportsmanlike conduct include: failure to adhere to facility policies and procedures; failure to follow verbal instructions of a staff member; failure to provide personnel with proper identification upon request; unauthorized use of facilities; theft or damage to facilities or equipment; and physical or verbal abuse directed toward a staff member, spectator or participant. In doing so the individual(s) involved will be questioned and may be required to submit a written statement of the incident within seven days of the occurrence. Written statements from on-duty personnel and witnesses may also be obtained. At the conclusion of the internal investigation, the Intramural Sports Director will rule on the incident. Penalties could include: temporary or permanent probation, suspension from the facilities for a specified period of time or permanent loss of access to recreational facilities.

Ejections and Suspensions

  1. There is an automatic minimum of a one game suspension for all individual ejections.
  2. Players may be ejected for two unsportsmanlike penalties, one severe unsportsmanlike penalty, or be removed by an Intramural Staff member for a gross violation: "A player receiving 2 Unsportsmanlike Penalties (Examples: 2 yellow cards / 2 technical fouls / 2 Unsportsmanlike conducts (UCs) / 2 Major Penalties) or one flagrant foul.
    1. A player called for 1 Unsportsmanlike Penalty (Examples: Red Card / Technical Foul)
    2. A player can be ejected at the discretion of an IM Sport Supervisor (Example: Taunting from a sideline / an attempt to injure another player)
  3. Ejected players will be asked to leave the field of play and the facility. The ejected person must leave the playing area immediately and has 5 minutes to leave the facility. Any ejected person not adhering to this rule could cause their team's game to be forfeited and face possible referral to Student Services.
  4. Most suspensions will be served in the sport in which the offense occurred, but individuals can be suspended from all Intramural sports and events depending on the severity of their offense.
  5. In cases occurring late in the sport season or the academic year, a suspension may carry over into the next sport, season, semester, or academic year.
  6. Captains that are currently under suspension or who have failed to have an ejection meeting will be prohibited from registering an intramural team until they have resolved their sanction.

Violations of Intramural Code of Conduct

The following are possible consequences of unsportsmanlike conduct of intramural teams and participants.

Team Violations:

  1. Forfeit due to misconduct - If a team, player, or a combination of the two receives 3 unsportsmanlike penalties (UCs, yellow cards, technical fouls, etc.) in one game the team will forfeit that game.
  2. Intramural probation - Intramural probation places a team on a probationary status which would cause a suspension from intramural participation for any further unsportsmanlike conduct. The term of probation may be set for a particular sport, for a semester, for a year or forever.
  3. Intramural Suspension - Suspension from Intramurals prohibits the suspended organization and its individuals listed on the team roster from participating and being a spectator in any sports during the period of intramural suspension.

Disciplinary Procedure/Reinstatement Process:

Any player ejected from an Intramural contest for any reason is automatically suspended from playing in all Intramural competitions until reinstated by the Intramural Sports Directors. Players must contact and meet, by appointment only, with the Director of the sport or designee prior to reinstatement in the Intramural Sports Program. If that individual fails to meet with the Intramural Director and misses additional contests, those missed contests do not count towards a 1 game suspension. All time served for any suspensions begin after this meeting is held. The person is also subject to further disciplinary action by the Director ranging from further suspension from play to full revocation of Intramural privileges. Any Individual who is involved in endangering behavior, this includes physical, verbal, and psychological abuse of the Intramural staff, will be removed from Intramurals for a specified period of time and will be referred to Student Affairs.

Appeal for Individual Sanctions:

The individual can appeal only sanctions of more than two games. A written appeal must be filed within 48 hours of the sanction. This forum is not a hearing. The process is a review of the record of the incident(s) and reasons for the excessive behavior. Individuals will remain suspended during the appeal process. The decision by Intramural Sports to refer individual(s)/team(s) to Student Affairs may not be appealed. Acceptable reasons for an appeal include: new information concerning the contest becomes available and/or the sanction is too severe for the offense. The Director of Intramural Sports and Student Co-Directors of Intramural Sports, and/or person(s) designated by the Directors of Intramural sports, will review the appeal.

Sport-Specific Rule Guides


Flag Football

Indoor Volleyball


Table Tennis

Zombie Run 

Fall Schedule

September 13: IM Games

September 23: Flag Football

September 28: Sand Volleyball

October 11: Scavenger Hunt

October 15: Disc Golf @ Baw Beese

October 18: Cornhole Cookout

October 31: Zombie Run

November 2: Dodgeball

November 15/16: Racquetball Tournament

November 23: Ping-Pong

Spring Schedule

Volleyball: January 2015

Inner Tube Water Polo: February 2015

Basketball: March 2015

Capture the Flag: April 2015

Bubble Soccer: TBA

Euchre Tournament/ Casino Night: TBA

Cornhole Tournament: TBA

Longest Drive

How to Sign Up

Registration can be done by email or at the Intramural Sports table in the student union. One week prior to the Intramural Sport event, there will be a table in the student union during the lunch period for registration. Teams can also register for events by emailing the Student Co-Directors of Intramural Sports, Eleanor Fina ( or Clayton Wilbanks (, with their team information. Registration information for each event will be included on all posters and in all emails.

Captains' Responsibilities and Meetings

  • Register your team at the student union or by email.

  • Several of the more popular intramural sport season will have Captains' Meetings. All Captains’ meetings are mandatory. These meetings will be held in the Student Activities Office in the Union. Times and dates are subject to change.

  • Check schedules regularly for updates/changes in game times. All schedules are in the Union and posted online.
  • Occasionally, schedules may change due to various reasons, including but not limited to the following: facility availability changes, weather, teams forfeiting out and not being replaced, etc.

  • Obtain the playoff schedule after your last regular season game from online, email, and in the Union.

  • Be responsible for thoroughly understanding the rules of the sport you are participating in and informing your team members of the Intramural Rules and Policies.

  • Ensure that enough eligible participants are at the game 15 minutes prior to the beginning of a scheduled contest. 10 minutes after scheduled time is forfeit time.

Rescheduling and Forfeit Policies

Reschedule requests need to be completed and sent to Clayton Wilbanks at for final approval at least 36 hours before the originally scheduled contest. Playoff games cannot be rescheduled.

Forfeits & Rescheduling

  1. When a team/individual fails to appear 5 minutes after the scheduled competition time, the contest will be shortened in proportion to the tardiness AND the late team will start down 1 goal (or 6 pts for basketball). If a team/individual appears after 10 minutes the opposing team will be sent home; and a forfeit will be recorded for the absent team or individual. A win is given to the team/individual present. Two forfeits mean that the team is removed from the league (the exception is the first day of scheduled play for that sport). Teams arriving at the venue without having the proper number of players required, but at least half the maximum (as stated by the intramural rules for that sport) will receive a default loss which can NOT be rescheduled. A team can only default two games in the league or they will be considered out of the league.
  2. If a team cannot participate in a contest, the team can take a default loss by notifying Student Co-Director Clayton Wilbanks at at least 6 hours prior to scheduled game time.
  3. If both teams and/or individuals fail to appear at the game it will be considered a double forfeit (no opportunity to reschedule).
  4. In an effort to avoid forfeits and defaults, the Student Co-Director can schedule teams to avoid competition at certain times.

Job Openings

Referees: A referee is tasked with overseeing and controlling the sports games. The specific job duties of a referee include looking out for fouls and other disallowed moves, and penalize players who’ve broken the rules accordingly. Additionally, in some cases the referee may be responsible for keeping track of the score by registering goals (or whatever type of scoring system the game uses). Referees may work alone or in teams, and will be responsible for assisting the Intramural Sports Staff as necessary. Needs a working knowledge of a wide variety of sports and activities.

Score keepers: A Score keeper is tasked with recording the goals (or any other type of scoring system) of a game. Additionally they will be responsible for running the clock at games and events. They will assist the Intramural Sports Staff as necessary, and need a working understand of many sports and activities.

Please contact Brad Kocher at or Kevin Foeman at if interested in a position.

Hall of Champions

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