Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

Applications for graduation are to be picked up and returned to the Registrar’s Office prior to the semester in which you will be finishing all coursework for your degree. If you will be walking through commencement ceremonies in the spring of the year you are graduating, your application should be turned in by December 1 of that academic year.

The College offers two baccalaureate degrees, each based on the completion of four years of study in the liberal arts. These differ in emphasis. The bachelor of arts degree stresses language, literature and the arts. The bachelor of science degree stresses mathematics and the natural sciences.

The completion of the degree requires 124 semester hours of college work with an accumulative grade-point average of 2.000 (“C”). No fewer than two, nor more than four, of the 124 hours are to be taken in physical education activity courses. Not more than 48 hours may be presented from any one discipline.

Students transferring to Hillsdale must earn an accumulative grade-point average of 2.000 (“C”) in all work taken at Hillsdale.

A grade of “C–” or higher must be obtained in each of the courses counted toward a field of concentration.

Course options, as explained under “Core Curriculum,” must be selected and completed according to the divisional requirements, generally during the first two years. Exceptions may be made for transfer students and for those enrolled in pre-professional programs.

Each student is required to enroll in two CCA seminars, one of which must be taken during the freshman or sophomore year and one in the junior or senior year.

A satisfactory command of English must be consistently demonstrated.

It is required that the senior year be completed in residence on the Hillsdale campus or in an approved, Hillsdale study-abroad or off-campus program. However, a student may transfer up to eight semester hours of work toward meeting the residency requirement without making special appeal. To transfer more than eight hours of work, the student must obtain the approval of the Educational Policies Committee. The senior year may be taken in specified professional schools.

Candidates who initially enroll at Hillsdale College must demonstrate a proficiency in mathematics at or above the level of Mathematics 105, Mathematics and Deductive Reasoning. This requirement may be satisfied by either having an ACT mathematics score of 27 or higher (or an SAT mathematics score of 670 or higher) or passing Mathematics and Deductive Reasoning (Mathematics 105) or a higher mathematics course. It is recommended that this requirement be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

Changes in Requirements

Changes in the general requirements for the baccalaureate degrees will not be applied so as to necessitate that currently enrolled students, or those absent for no more than a year, take additional courses beyond the number required for the degree sought.

In the field of concentration, the student follows the requirements in effect at the time of his declaration with the Office of the Registrar. Those who have been out of college more than a year may have to meet requirements not in force during the earlier period of enrollment.

Teacher Education students follow the program and certification requirements in effect at the time of formal acceptance to the program.