Probation & Suspension


Grade-point averages required for satisfactory academic standing are as follows:

Credit HoursGPA
1-34 1.750
35-64 1.900
65-124 2.000

Any student who, at the end of any given semester, fails to reach the required accumulative average is placed on academic probation. Students placed on academic probation, or admitted on academic probation, will automatically be suspended unless they achieve the required average within one semester. A suspended student may, on the basis of significant improvement or other extenuating circumstances, appeal to the Academic Status Committee for reinstatement. If a student twice fails any course, that student will be subject to the probation-suspension process regardless of the accumulative grade-point average.


The normal duration of suspension is one year (12 months), after which a student is eligible to apply for readmission. Such readmission is not automatic and will be dependent upon demonstration of significant productive activity during the period of suspension. In unusual circumstances, supported by exceptional achievement, a student may appeal to the Academic Status Committee for readmission after a suspension of less than one year.

The suspension encompasses all terms during the 12-month duration, including the summer sessions. Eligibility to enroll in any summer session is granted just as it is for any regular semester.

Any suspension or dismissal during the regular semester will result in the recording of “WF” grades for all enrolled courses. The “WF” involves a grade-point penalty.

Students admitted to Hillsdale College as special non-degree seeking students who have not reached a 1.750 at the end of 12 hours will not be allowed to continue.