Academic Load

A minimum 12-hour program is required for full-time enrollment. Normally, a student registers for 15 or 16 credit hours of study each semester; however, a student may register for 17 credit hours if he has demonstrated, either in high school or college, an above-average academic record. Those achieving a grade average of at least “B+” may, on approval of the registrar, be permitted to carry 18 credit hours. The 18th credit hour requires an additional tuition payment unless it represents one of the following:

  • Choir, Chamber Choir, Orchestra, Music Ensemble, Private Lessons or Group Lessons for beginning students
  • Theatre Production courses 105(6), 205(6), 305(6), 405(6), Theatre 209
  • Debate 151(2), 251(2), 351(2), 451(2)
  • Forensics 161(2), 261(2), 361(2) 461(2)
  • Biology 590, 591, 592, 593, 594
  • CCA
  • Chemistry 475, 570, 575
  • Dance 210
  • Honors Program Seminars
  • Mock Trial
  • IDS 391 (Theory and Application in Responsibility and Leadership)

Neither the additional fee nor the special permission for the 18th hour is required for those designated activities in music or theatre production.

Classification of Students

Credit HoursClassification
1-25 hours Freshman
26-55 hours Sophomore
56-89 hours Junior
90-124 hours Senior

Note: Classification of students is not to be confused with academic probationary limits.