Adding/Dropping Classes

A new student may officially withdraw from a course or add a course to his/her approved schedule during the first day of registration by getting a drop/add card approved by his/her advisor at registration. No drops or adds take place during the second day of registration. Students may drop and add courses after registration by completing the prescribed procedure as follows:

  1. Obtain a “Permission to Add Course” or “Permission to Drop Course” card from the Registrar’s Office.

  2. The card is to be properly dated and filled in. The course professor’s signature and the signature of the advisor are to be obtained by the student.

  3. Note that the card is void unless approved and deposited in the Registrar’s Office by the designated date—usually seven days after the card has been obtained.

  4. The student will return the completed cards to the Registrar’s Office.

NOTE: The student will complete a “Permission to Add” or “Permission to Drop” slip to be taken to the class to indicate official admission in case of adding the course, or to be mailed to the professor as an indication of the official dropping of the course. The student’s name shall neither be added to nor deleted from the class enrollment until the official notification has been received by the professor.


(This is always the last day of the sixth week. The following day, Wednesday, starts the seventh week.)

Starting Wednesday of the seventh week, any course dropped is recorded as “F”.

Any course dropped before the beginning of the seventh week of the semester is recorded as “W” and carries no grade-point penalty. After the beginning of the seventh week any course dropped is recorded as “F.” Any course dropped as a result of withdrawal from the College after the beginning of the seventh week will be recorded as “WP” or “WF,” and the “WF” involves a grade-point penalty.

NOTE: A student will not be credited for a course unless he is properly registered according to the official procedure.

Students may sign up for classes (with permission of the instructor) during the first two weeks of instruction. After Wednesday of the third week, it is doubtful if professors will permit a student to enter his/her class.