Praxis is a political economy group whose name is derived from the Latin word Praxeology, which is defined as “the study (science) of human action and the logical implications of choice.”  The primary focus of Praxis is educating and encouraging the discussion and study of the relationship between politics and economics.  Praxis believes that the principal way to achieve the advancement of thought is to be active in educating Hillsdale College students outside the classroom. This purpose is achieved primarily by hosting campus speakers and debates.

Speakers since 2008 have included:
•June Arunga, documentary filmmaker from Kenya
•Dr. Donald Boudreaux, Chairman of the Economics Department at George Mason University
•Dr. Richard Ebeling, Professor of Economics at Northwood University and former President of the Foundation for Economic Education
•Patri Friedman of the Seasteading Institute
•Dr. David Henderson of the Hoover Institution and Professor of Economics at the Naval Postgraduate School
•Dr. William Kline of the University of Illinois, Springfield
•Dr. Tony Woodlief of the Market-Based Management Institute

Student Contact: Portia Conant
Advisor: Ivan Pongracic