2011 Archives | Atlanta, Georgia

For the 2011 Free Market Forum, participants gathered in Atlanta, Georgia. This year’s program was expanded to include 100 faculty members from 31 states, several Canadian provinces, and Lithuania. In addition, 20 state policy leaders from the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico took part in the Forum, as well as several hundred friends of Hillsdale College.

Daniel Hannan, member of the European Parliament, was the opening speaker. Chris Chocola, president of Club for Growth, and Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley also addressed the audience.

The papers from the Free Market Forum 2011, excepting those of Daniel Hannan, Chris Chocola, and Nikki Haley, are available for download below. Simply click on the title to open the file.

Please note that all of the talks are available in DVD format from Hillsdale College.  Please call 1-800-437-2268.

“The New Road to Serfdom: Lessons to Learn from European Policy”
Daniel Hannan, European Parliament

Panel 1—“The National Debt and Entitlement Reform”
Chair: Gary Wolfram, Hillsdale College

Panel 2—“Can We Shrink the Federal Bureaucracy?”
Chair: Kris Mauren, Acton Institute

“Economic Issues and the 2012 Elections”
Chris Chocola, Club for Growth

Panel 3—“The Debate Over Public-Sector Unions”
Chair: Burton Folsom, Jr., Hillsdale College

“Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility”
Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina