Recommended Reading

The following books and articles are helpful in gaining a greater understanding of the purpose and nature of the education provided at good classical schools, as well as the relevant historical and contemporary issues bearing on education and the study of the liberal arts.

Books by Hillsdale College faculty:

  • Liberty and Learning by Larry P. Arnn
  • Climbing Parnassus by Tracy Lee Simmons
  • The Great Tradition by Richard Gamble
  • The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core by Terrence O. Moore

Books by other authors:

  • Cultural Literacy by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.
  • Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong by William Kilpatrick
  • The Schools We Need and Why We Don’t Have Them by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.
  • Teacher in America by Jacques Barzun
  • The Devil Knows Latin by E. Christian Kopff
  • The Making of Americans by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.
  • Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America by Gene Edward Veith, Jr. and Andrew Kern
  • Left Back by Diane Ravitch
  • The Paideia Proposal by Mortimer J. Adler
  • Begin Here by Jacques Barzun
  • The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis
  • The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory
  • The Art of Teaching by Gilbert Highet
  • The Great Conversation by Robert Maynard Hutchins