New Classical Charter Schools


The Barney Charter School Initiative began working with three school founding groups in 2010 and 2011. From those efforts, two schools opened in 2012, located in Lewisville, Texas and Moriarty, New Mexico. The third group opened its school in Savannah, Georgia in 2013. Joining the list of openings in 2013 was a school in Bentonville, Arkansas. Details for each school can be found at the respective website:

After seeing growth and success in these original schools, the Barney Charter School Initiative accepted a mission to assist in the opening of 50 schools by 2022, and began working with more school founding groups throughout the country. Since that time, BCSI has helped to launch the following schools:

2014 Openings

2015 Openings

2016 Openings

In fall of 2016, BCSI will assist in the launch of schools near Brighton, Michigan, and Bloomington, Indiana: