Tuition & Costs

Basic expenses for the 2015-2016 academic year at Hillsdale are as follows:

Tuition $23,840
Room $4,800
Board (Knorr Family Dining Room) $4,960
General Fees $752
Total $34,352

Annual tuition covers 12 to 17 credit hours per fall and spring semesters. The tuition expense for each additional credit hour over 17 hours is $670.00; for fewer than 12 credit hours, the charge is $950.00 per credit hour.

  • The room charge is based on double occupancy. The additional charge for a single room is $250.00 per semester upon availability. The additional expense for a double room requested for single use will be one-and-one-half times the usual double room rate. The additional charge for a suite room is $650.00.

  • There are six meal plan choices available to students. Two of these plans provide a fixed number of meals per week. Four of these plans include “Charger Change,” a credit that can be used at any on-campus food service.

NameMeals AllowedCharger Change/Sem.Cost/Semester
All inclusive 19/week $25 $2,480
15 meal plan 15/week $0 $2,295
Block 200 200/semester $200 $2,480
Block 150 150/semester $75 $2,295
10 meal plan* 10/week $0 $1,700
Block 100* 100/semester $25 $1,700

*Only available to off-campus and Suite residents.

A student may change from one meal plan to the other only until 4:00 p.m. on September 3, 2015 for fall semester, and January 21, 2016 for spring semester.

  • The general fee of $376.00 paid at the beginning of the first semester and $376.00 for second semester includes dues to the Student Federation and makes available a subscription to the Collegian, the weekly student newspaper; a free copy of the Winona, the College yearbook; a subscription to Tower Light, the literary magazine; admission to athletic events; Health Service; identification card; and graduation cap and gown.

  • Exceptions to the above fees are: (1) special music students; (2) members of the Hillsdale College staff; (3) any student carrying fewer than seven hours; (4) WHIP students; or (5) current high school students attending college part time.

  • The College must necessarily reserve the right to make changes in costs without notice as circumstances may require.

  • Out-of-state students: because Hillsdale is a private college, there are no extra charges to students entering from outside Michigan.

  • Payment plans are available. For questions related to payment and payment plans, please contact the Business Office at (517) 607-2344.