Student Employment

Campus employment is yet another means of meeting college costs. A prospective freshman, after he has been accepted for admission, as well as any returning student, may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for information regarding employment opportunities. Please call (517) 607-2350 or send an email to

An average student job will require a commitment of at least eight to ten hours per week, which should not interfere with study or other activities. Several types of campus employment are available. Bon Appétit Hillsdale Dining Service employs many students each semester to work during mealtimes and to help in catering and serving special dinners and luncheons on campus. Other students work in the library, bookstore, student union or as part-time office help for professors or departments of the College. Others are employed by the College Maintenance Department and help with grounds work. Some are employed as chauffeurs and escorts for guests on campus. Students are paid an hourly wage.

Service Opportunities and Rewards (SOAR)

Hillsdale College, with cooperation from selected community-service organizations, has established the SOAR Program to assist Hillsdale College students in meeting their educational expenses. Through this program, Hillsdale students are made available for community service at no cost to the participating agencies. The College pays the selected students to take part in the program.

Attention Parents:

Students cannot work on campus until they have completed W-4s and an I-9 Form. The I-9 Form requires that Hillsdale College verify identification documents. Please send either an original social security card or an original birth certificate with your freshman. The I-9 Form cannot be completed without the proper documents. Employment will be delayed until all forms are properly completed.


If you plan to work on campus, we recommend that you download the forms and complete them prior to coming to campus. Bring the completed forms and identification documents to Personnel Services, 3rd floor, Central Hall after being offered an employment position. Acceptable identification documents: a passport or a combination of a driver's license and social security card or a combination of a driver's license and birth certificate.