Admissions Interviews

Admissions interviews are an opportunity for you to meet one-on-one with an Admissions representative to tell us more about yourself, your interests, and your goals. Interviews bring an added dimension to an application file and help us to see what is unique about you. They also provide the chance for you to learn more about Hillsdale College and how you might fit into the life of campus. Though they are not required, interviews are highly recommended for all applicants, and especially those who wish to be considered for scholarship.

When to Interview

If you have applied, or are planning to apply to Hillsdale College, you should schedule an interview. Most students interview sometime between January of their junior year and January of their senior year. Seniors will be asked to complete an application form before interviewing, though the entire application file need not be complete at the time of the interview.

How to Schedule an Interview

  • Schedule a Campus Visit. This is the most common way to interview, and can be incorporated into a visit that allows you to meet Hillsdale students and faculty. Click here to request your visit
  • Schedule a Regional Interview. Admissions Counselors are often traveling the country and arranging formal interview days to meet with prospective students at locations like coffee shops or bookstores. Visit our Admissions Events page and filter by “Off-Campus Admissions Interviews” to see if any dates are scheduled in your area, or Find Your Admissions Counselor to see if they will be traveling near you soon.

How to Prepare for an Interview

  • Dress appropriately; be on time.
  • Be prepared to discuss the academic track you have chosen in high school, what you have found rewarding, and what has been challenging.
  • Be prepared to discuss a few of the extracurricular involvements that are most meaningful to you.
  • Be prepared to discuss your future goals, your expectations for a college experience, and what factors are important to you in the college search.
  • Be prepared to discuss why Hillsdale is among your top college options.
  • Prepare a list of the questions you would like us to answer.
  • Above all, be yourself! We will appreciate getting a glimpse of your unique personality and the asset you could be to our campus.