Academic Services

The Purpose of Academic Services

Improving the minds of Hillsdale College students

Academic Services at Hillsdale College seeks to provide students with the resources and opportunities needed to achieve academic excellence. As a uniquely rigorous liberal arts school, Hillsdale College challenges students to aspire to things higher and nobler. While personal responsibility is a requisite to the attainment of this level of excellence, at times it becomes beneficial to provide assistance in the form of service to others. The Academic Services program seeks to provide, through effective communication, the opportunity for academic assistance to those students responsible and committed enough to pursue it.

Academic Services

Professor Assistance

As the first line of defense for a student struggling with a given scholastic subject, professor assistance through office hours is vital to academic success at Hillsdale College. Academic Services strongly encourages students to take advantage of their professors' office hours, which are publicized and made available through Academic Services. Please contact Academic Services for specific hours and locations.

Study Centers

As most departments at Hillsdale College furnish their own distinct study center environments and tutors, Academic Services centralizes and publicizes this information to the College. Please contact Academic Services for specific hours and locations.

Freshman Lecture Series

“The Incomplete Idiot's Guide to Freshman Year” is a lecture series consisting of presentations by upperclassmen of outstanding academic record. The lectures, which are presented weekly throughout the first half of the fall semester, address issues such as prose style, writer's block, textual analysis, and research.

Staff and Office Location

Academic Services is located in the Hawkins Center for Academic Services in the lower level of the Knorr Student Center. The Writing Center is also located here and is open Sunday through Thursday from 7:00-10:00 p.m. with additional daytime hours.

If you would like more specific information regarding Academic Services, or are interested in becoming more involved with Academic Services, please contact any of the following: