Sociology & Social Thought

Recommended Program for Students Interested in Social Work

Hillsdale College does not have a program in social work. While it is possible to go into social work with a Bachelor’s degree in the field, the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree provides the widest range of career options. MSW programs generally recommend, as background for admission, precisely the sort of broad liberal arts background provided by a Hillsdale undergraduate degree.

For students interested in pursuing an MSW degree after graduating from Hillsdale, we recommend that the student include some courses in both psychology and sociology, regardless of major. They are welcome to consider either psychology or sociology and social thought as a major, but neither is strictly required.

Following are some helpful links. Please feel free to consult with the SST program director to discuss your options.

The Top 25 MSW Programs
In addition to listing the top programs, this page includes some general discussion of the MSW degree and career opportunities in social work.

Graduate vs. undergraduate social work degrees

Admissions criteria for some selected MSW programs: