Sociology & Social Thought


The interdisciplinary program in sociology and social thought (administered under philosophy and religion) brings together contemporary perspectives from the social sciences with religious and philosophical perspectives in particular, and with Hillsdale’s liberal arts emphasis in general. The goal of the program is to provide a broad, cross-disciplinary understanding of contemporary society and culture, organized around a core of studies in the theoretical and methodological traditions specific to sociology. It approaches sociological perspectives sympathetically, while also addressing critical questions regarding tradition, authority, and commitment from the standpoint embodied in the mission statement of Hillsdale College. Its theoretical and methodological focus is historical and interpretive, while core courses are geared toward familiarizing students with the range of contemporary approaches in the discipline. Majors in sociology and social thought will mix core courses in sociology with approved courses in philosophy and religion, and in other appropriate disciplines, in consultation with the program director.

Dr. Peter C. Blum, Program Director