Students planning a career in ministry or biblical and theological studies are encouraged to choose a major and a minor in the humanities and/or social sciences or in Christian studies. Regardless of major, they should take the basic courses in such fields as history, philosophy, religion and literature. A familiarity with the methods, findings and philosophical foundations and implications of the sciences and social sciences is also highly desirable. The best preparation for seminary is a thorough and broad exposure to culture—ancient and modern—literature, the arts and the history of ideas. They also need to develop solid analytic abilities, facility in developing logically rigorous and sound arguments, and skills in written and oral expression. This is best accomplished by reading, studying, analyzing and creatively interacting with the literary and philosophical classics. It should also be mentioned that, along with the College chaplain, the Religion Department at Hillsdale has four faculty members with seminary degrees, each one of them ordained, and with a number of years of practical experience in Christian ministry. In addition, a Pre-Seminary Forum meets several times during the school year to provide information and resources to assist students in planning and preparing for professional ministerial education.

Within a sound liberal arts curriculum, Hillsdale College has included basic courses preparing students for graduate study or entrance into professional schools. The student planning such specialized study should consult the advisor in his particular field of interest for an outline of required subjects and should also consult the catalog of the institution at which he intends to continue his studies. Though requirements are fairly uniform within a given field, they do vary somewhat among professional and graduate schools.