International Studies in Business & Foreign Language


The Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies in business and foreign language is designed for undergraduates planning to enter a career in world business or international government and public administration. This degree provides students with academic preparation in two fields, business and foreign language, as well as a practical, on-site work and/or study experience abroad.

The major requires 63 hours, divided between the following:

  1. 40 credit-hours of business classes
  2. 17 credit-hours of one modern foreign language and culture above the 201 level (French, German or Spanish)
  3. Three hours of an elective in international studies
  4. Three hours in French/German/Spanish 460 or in an approved foreign study program. These three hours of internship or study abroad must be in addition to the 17-hour foreign language requirement.

At Hillsdale, any qualified student may opt for an interdepartmental field of concentration consisting of 36 semester hours of credit with no fewer than 24 hours in courses carrying 300 numbers or above. Once the student selects an interdisciplinary field of concentration, with the exceptions of international business and political economy, it must be approved by the chairmen of the departments in which the work is to be done and by the Educational Policies Committee. The student must also select an advisor in consultation with the chairmen of the departments involved in the field of concentration.