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The Edward Everett Oratory Contest

The Edward Everett Oratory Contest is an annual student speech competition. Students from across the campus prepare speeches on a given topic and compete for a grand prize of $3000. 


The student will deliver a persuasive speech on the theme: Of Presidents and Kings: Executive Privilege and the Balance of Power​

  1. The speech must be an original work of the contestant prepared for this event.  Additional sources of information and opinion should be attributed orally in the delivery of the speech.  A bibliography must accompany the written speech.
  2. The speech is to be ten minutes in length.  Speeches that run significantly over or under the time limit will be penalized by the competition judges.  
  3. The speech must be delivered from memory without the use of notes of any kind. Use of minimal notes in the preliminary competition may be allowed, but will be penalized. *Please see Dr. Kiledal if you need to discuss this element of the competition.
  4. Judges will be asked to evaluate each speech on its strength of ideas, logical force of argument, and persuasive qualities of the speech.
  5. The student will deliver the speech at the time(s), date(s), and location(s) specified by the competition coordinator.
  6. The full speech manuscript is due to the competition director by February 3, 2015 (5:00 pm). Electronic submissions are preferred.  Please submit the speech in an editable format (Word, Pages, etc.).  Verification of receipt of electronic submissions will be sent.  Please verify your submission if you do not receive a verification notice.  Submission of the manuscript will be considered as a contractual obligation to compete.
  7. The preliminary and semi-final rounds of competition will take place February 6-7, 2015.  The five finalists and one alternate will be chosen from this competition.  The number of rounds and the need for a semi-final competition will be determined by the number of applicants.
  8. The final round of competition will take place on TUESDAY, March 3, at 11:00 am, unless the competitors are otherwise notified.  All Finalists must deliver the same speech entered as it is delivered to the competition director prior to preliminary competition.  The director may approve minimal changes.
  9. The final round will be open to the public at large.
  10. Competitors should note that winning speeches may be disseminated by the College.
  11. Students who move forward to the final round of competition will be expected to attend a practice round prior to the final competition. The practice round will be held in the weekend prior to the final competition.  Failure to attend this meeting, or to make alternate arrangements with the Director, may result in your dismissal from the final competition.  The alternate speaker will then speak in this position.

Documents and questions should be directed to Dr. Kirstin Kiledal at (517) 607-2293, or