Politics Major & Minor

This is a general overview of the major and minor. For more information, please consult the current college catalog, or contact the department.

Politics Major & Minor

A major in politics requires 33 hours of coursework. Required courses include:

  • Politics 101: U.S. Constitution
  • Politics 202: American Political Thought
  • Politics 211: Classical Political Philosophy
  • Politics 220: Introduction to American Foreign Policy
  • Politics 212: Modern Political Philosophy I: Social Contract Theory or Politics 214: Modern Political Philosophy II: Idealism, Historicism, Nihilism

Of the additional 18 hours required, at least six must be taken at the 400 level and at least one elective must be chosen from the American Politics offerings. Otherwise, students may choose electives in any order or combination from the sub-fields of Political Philosophy, American Politics and World Politics.

Senior politics majors must also complete a comprehensive politics examination covering coursework completed while at Hillsdale and achieve an acceptable score as determined by the politics faculty.



A minor in politics consists of 21 hours, with Politics 101 required as part of the total. Politics 101 is a prerequisite for all other politics courses.