Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are available to qualified students through an audition process during the academic year preceding their matriculation to campus in the fall. Many different endowed scholarship funds are available for students of music. Scholarships are available for music majors, music minors, and students of other majors who choose to participate in music. Each scholarship fund has its own unique set of requirements depending on the expressed wishes of the donor and the needs of the department. The responsibilities of students receiving music scholarship awards include private study and participation in appropriate ensembles.

Scholarship Application, Audition & Requirements

Audition dates and times are arranged by individual appointment by contacting Prof. Stacey Jones, and can be coordinated with a visit to the campus. It is advisable to audition in person on campus if possible. In exceptional cases when a student is unable to visit campus before the audition deadline, a DVD/Video remote audition may also be requested and arranged.

Prospective students are required to begin a Hillsdale College General Admissions application as well as complete and submit the Music Scholarship application prior to scheduling an audition for Music scholarships. Auditions may be scheduled by personal preference, both before or after acceptance to the college.

Audition Deadlines

The audition deadline is March 11, 2016 for scholarship consideration for the 2016-17 academic year. For students choosing to audition remotely, the deadline for submission of a video audition is March 11, 2016. Students requesting auditions after March 11 may still be considered for scholarship; however, funds may not be as available after this date.

Please send DVDs and scholarship application packages to:

Stacey Jones, ATTN: Music Scholarships
Hillsdale College Howard Music Hall
79 East College Street
Hillsdale, MI 49242
For more information regarding scholarship applications and requirements, please email Prof. Stacey Jones, Department of Music Admissions Coordinator.

Instrumental Auditions

Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Harp & Guitar

Perform two pieces of contrasting styles, which best demonstrate your technical facility and musicianship. This could be two movements from the same work or two separate pieces, including one etude if applicable. Accompaniment is optional, and must be requested.

Be prepared to play some major and minor scales. Multiple octaves (i.e. demonstrating the range of the instrument) may be requested where applicable.

Be prepared for some basic sight-reading.


A minimum of 15-20 minutes of memorized music is required to audition in the piano area.

Perform two contrasting pieces or contrasting movements of a larger work. Skills include demonstrating major and minor scales and arpeggios.

Please contact Brad Blackham for approval of repertoire prior to submitting your scholarship application. 


Perform two pieces of contrasting styles. Foreign language is optional. Piano accompaniment for vocal auditions is required and provided by the music department. Please bring your sheet music with you to the audition. The use of CD or mp3 accompaniment is not appropriate.

Memorization is strongly recommended for scholarship consideration.

Be prepared for some vocalizing.