Chemistry Department

Note from the Department Chair

Welcome to the Hillsdale College Chemistry Department!  I’m glad that you’re interested in our chemistry and biochemistry programs, and hope that you’ll find this webpage helpful as you consider all we have to offer. 

Hillsdale students may earn a B.S. or B.A. in chemistry or biochemistry or may minor in either field.  The curriculum prepares students well for graduate studies, research and development, careers in a broad range of technical fields, or programs in medicine, dentistry, and allied health fields. The chemistry program at Hillsdale has been approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Professional Training and therefore provides students the opportunity to earn an ACS-certified degree.  All chemistry majors are required to perform research; those pursuing the ACS track must write a senior thesis based on significant laboratory research with a mentor. 

The chemistry department at Hillsdale College offers a wonderful combination of small-college camaraderie with top tier academic rigor and facilities.  As a private college, Hillsdale provides advantages of small classes, hands-on laboratory experience, and personal attention. Our outstanding facilities are unrivaled by most liberal arts colleges and are fully available to the undergraduate students for classes and research.  Our six full-time Ph.D. faculty get to know our majors personally and so can provide informed advice and recommendations.  Our expectations of our students are high, and we are committed to working with them to help them achieve success at Hillsdale and beyond.  The chemistry department at Hillsdale College is a thriving, challenging, and friendly community in which to learn and gain confidence for your future.  To truly get the flavor of the place, I encourage you to visit us personally, sit in on classes, come to our offices, and talk to our students.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions.

Best wishes,

Dr. Mark A. Nussbaum
Associate Professor and Chair, Chemistry Department
Joseph H. Moss Endowed Chair in Chemistry