Career Fundamentals

Career fundamentals provide the building blocks for future success. They ensure that you have a plan, you can communicate and argue for your experience to others, you have the network of advisors and contacts to aid you in your search, and you know where to go to find opportunities and further information. Some of this work is tedious and takes commitment to the process, But it is work anyone can do. Be the genius of your future: "Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration." (Edison)

Write Your Resume.

You have not started your career development until you draft and revise a resume at least once. Use Career Services extensively to master this skill. You need a resume to apply for most internships, jobs, and other opportunities. But just as importantly, the resume is your first chance to see what your past experience amounts to, learn how to communicate its value effectively, and see what you need next in your development. Here is some common and uncommon advice:

  • Get started quickly with our basic resume sample; sweat the details and get it right
  • Discuss your resume with a SAM.
  • Go to the Career Services office with your draft in hand or email it to; we help you polish it quickly
  • Keep an ongoing, general resume with all your experience through time; tailor this resume to specific positions
  • Write two future resumes--the resumes you want to have in one year and in five years; use these to set concrete, specific goals

Write a Cover Letter.

Cover letters must be written anew for every position to which you apply. Get extensive advice from the experts in Career Services.

Interview For Practice.

A mock-interview gives you the chance to hone your communication skills. You absolutely must develop the ability to speak confidently, concisely, and persuasively about your experience to specific audiences. Schedule a mock-interview anytime at our offices, and look for special mock-interview events.

Start Networking.

Hillsdale alumni and friends of the College are ready to connect with you to assist in many ways. Find a mentor in your field within Handshake. Start and use a LinkedIn account to connect with an even wider audience. But DO NOT limit your networking to a browser. Watch for the numerous Career Services events that offer you a chance to build relationships with new contacts. Learn some of the art of networking in our Career Guide.

Come to Career Services.

Career development is personal development. Make the most the personal service, assistance, and advice you get from the Career Services staff--all majors, all paths, all questions welcomes. Come early and come often.

Personal, walk-in service anytime.

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